wedding portraits

i'm in the processes of buying lots and lots of fun vintage frames so i can fulfill my life long dream of creating a giant photo collage on a wall of our apartment. 

(if i could, i would live in a house with walls covered in books, photos and busy-patterned wallpaper and all my guests would be wrapped in cozy afghans upon entering and offered a cup of hot chocolate. also, my house would always smell like christmas.)

anyway! here are some of my favorite pictures, all taken by our amazingly talented photographer, Jennifer Davis. these will all be hanging up as part of my photo collage. probably next to lots of polaroids of me eating Forever Yogurt. 

p.s. i'm at "the big whole foods" (as i like to call it) and their WiFi is free, but slooooow. so i have more wedding portraits to share, but i've had too much prosecco and i might be drunk and i'm full of pumpkin gelato and the newborn baby at the table next to me (who i am pretty sure just emerged from his mama five minutes ago) is screaming bloody murder and i don't have the patience to wait for more pics to upload and i must leave. bye bye!

wedding photos:

1. jim's uncle bob (i dig his style. i think our wedding photographer did too -- we have lots of pics.)
2. my dad laughing with jim's dad
3. jamie (my brother) & matt

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