sorority girl

you know how it's easy for people to remember stuff from the past and get all gooey and nostalgic and omg-best-time-ever! and sort of forget about all that bad stuff that made the good stuff not really as good as we remember it?

well, i just wanted to point out that i totally get that people do that -- i know i do anyway -- before you start rolling your eyes at this post.

every time we go back to purdue, we (my friends and i) have to stop off at the sigma kappa house to see what's changed since we were actives, and it's always my most favorite part of the trip.

i loved, loved, loved my sorority and living in the house for three years and having a second family and sleeping in a cold air dorm (even though there was a ghost in the closet) and shopping in 100 different closets when i couldn't find something to wear and our elderly but also sexually active house mom and philanthropies and philanthropy t-shirts and crush dance and crush dance t-shirts and spontaneouses and butter-ups and serenades and fireside chats and "pin attire" and, and, and!

and believe me, there were things i hated about the house (like sometimes finding snow on my bed in cold air) and there were times when i just wanted to yank some bitchy girl's pony tail (when you live with that many chicks, you can't like all of them). but overall the good totally outweighed the bad.

and you know what's the best part about having been in a sorority? the fact that i get to go back and visit the house with the friends that i lived with in the house who are still my best friends now.

one heart, one way.

mini polaroids:

1. me sitting on top of the sigma kappa sign in our side yard
2. the front of the sigma kappa house at purdue (so pretty!)
3. the foyer
4. greek letters on the front porch

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