The annual Boiler Up!

even though i live kinda far away, i try to make it back to Purdue for at least one football game every year.

any by "football game" i mean "tailgate." i try to tailgate once a year.

i went to west lafayette last weekend (not this past weekend, but the weekend before. sheesh i am behind!) and it was sunny and 70 degrees and beautiful.

and it's ok that we didn't win the game because...

...i think we won the tailgate.


amy said...

you're such an american!

i think i sort of tailgated once? at the harvard/yale game? but i don't think that counts.

i think i might be bad at it.

Courtney said...

I went down to IU for the IU vs Purdue game last weekend. The weather was gorgeous! (I wore a short sleeved shirt!)

IU lost (boo!). I had to be sober driver (boo!). Stone was boozed up and seriously funny (yay!).