question for my fellow bloggers...

does anyone know how i can make my pictures appear bigger in blogger? my pictures and collages always look big and pretty in Picasa, but as soon as I upload them to blogger they shrink.
if you have any tips and tricks, please let me know! i would totally appreciate it. (because big is beautiful, y'all)
michaelasmorris [at] gmail [dot] com


Kate Bagley said...

Check out this link I think it will might be useful! Hope it helps!

amy said...

haz you downloaded the new blogger posting template thing?

i hadn't checked in with the layout stuff for awhile, so i didn't have the option to make my pics 'extra large'.

now when i upload them, there's a little thing i can click that gives me like 5 diff't size options.

that probably made no sense, but just go to your homepage on blogger and make sure you have all the newest downloads.


amy said...

(you can also tweak the actual size of your template which i did for awhile and it made my pics lovely and huge - but then the sidebar stuff got displaced and i felt sad. i'm also bad at computer things. bye.)

Kimberly Julie said...

manually edit the numbers next to the "px" in the html coding for the image. just be sure to keep them proportionate by multiplying the height and width by the same number. (i.e. x1.5 for 150% larger)

if you go too big and it messes up your sidebar, just tweak the numbers til they are perfect! write down the perfect formula for next time if you're so inclined...

hope this helps!