busy bee

i have been sort of M.I.A. for the past couple weeks. i haven't been posting to my blog or reading other people's blogs. SORRY.

work has kept me insanely busy. and just so you know what i mean when i say, "insanely busy"...

i was so busy on thursday that i stopped drinking liquids because i literally did not have time to use the bathroom.

i was so busy writing emails, responding to emails, making phone calls, preparing PowerPoints, getting on and off airplanes, and NOT sleeping last week that i freaking lost my mind and burst into tears in the middle of the Denver airport on Friday morning. looking back now...the whole thing was sort of amusing. i was like a bona fide crazy person...crying into some napkins i grabbed from a fast food counter and gasping for air inbetween sobs while i tried to explain to Jim (over the phone) why life was SO DAMN HARD.

so yeah...i have friends with b days and friends cookin' babies, and friend's with parents going into surgery and i'm sort of a bad friend because i can't reach out as much as i'd like. but i'm thinking about all of you! promise! don't hate me!


amy said...

hang in there, micalobe! and don't worry about us baby cookers and blog writers!

you sound like me toward the end of my goodby days, in la, on the phone with my assistant back in sf telling her "i'm about to pull a britney and shave my head i swear" and then sobbing into a burrito.

hopefully you'll get a nice break for christmas??

Jenni said...

Oh girl - don't cry. This busyness will pass then you'll be all ours again (and by ours I mean the blogging world, not Jim. JK!)