too posh to push? not me.

soooooo awhile back my company signed up for this website that's basically just a database of restaurants in the area that will deliver, but it allows employees to store their favorite foods, make group orders, get corporate discounts, order online etc.

the database company sent everyone in the office a PUSH TO EAT button that plugs into the USB port on our computers...

...and when pushed, will automatically pull the database up on screen.

(this is because not only are we too lazy to get off our asses and go out into the world to get nourishment, we're also too lazy to push the buttons on the keyboard that will form a URL and bring up a website.)

anyway! a couple days ago my boss tried to throw away my PUSH TO EAT button because...WHO THE HELL USES IT? and i was all, "WHAT IF I EVER NEED TO PUSH TO EAT?"

and you know what? my boss and i totally needed food today, but we didn't want to physically move to get it, so we used the database. the embarrassing part? i forgot the website URL so i was forced to plug in my button and PUSH TO EAT.

it was sort of awesome. it's also sort of the reason terrorists hate us.


Jenni said...

Ha! I've never heard of such a silly thing. Awesome. And an ingenues marketing ploy on their part! Only in America... ;)

Courtney said...

this made me laugh

Nikki said...

um i love this! need one.

Kimberly Julie said...

pure awesome.