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Saturday, October 7, 2006

i'm spending the weekend in the dirrty south with my crazy (but wonderful) family. here's a conversation that took place in my parent's kitchen late last night over wine, cheese, and ritz crackers. it made me giggle.

maureen: so michaela's flight was delayed and sam was playing video games in the little airport arcade and i was bored so i wandered into the bookstore.

dad: uh-huh

maureen: and there, front and center, was Pat Buchanan's new book. there were like 500 of them all lined up and facing out the main window, you couldn't miss it. what's the name of that book?

dad: ummm...i think it's called I Hate Everyone That's Not Like Me

maureen: no, that's not it

dad: no, i think that's what it's called

maureen: anyway, in the back of the store, facing away from the window, in a tiny little corner was Bob Woodward's book.

dad: his book is called State of Denial

maureen: right, State of Denial. so i had some extra time and i used it to move all of Bob Woodward's books in front of all the Pat Buchanan books in the front window.

dad: ha. no, you didn't.

maureen: i swear to god i did. someone needs to do something.

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