the return of my never-fail black party top

Posted Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Although my Halloween was pretty low key, it did have one intensely spooky moment.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn….there I was, alone in my apartment. It's dark (except for the television), it's quiet (minus the television again and the sound of my cat screaming as my roommate's dog tried to hump her). I'm piddling around the place, doing my thing, minding my own bee's wax when I hear a knock at my door. It being too late for trick-or-treaters, and knowing most of my good friends were out on a bar crawl, I was surprised by the rapping. Lenore? Jack the Pumpkin King? Nope, it's my ex-boyfriend, Lindsey. Whaaa??

Apparently he felt last night was a good time to swing by and drop off all the crap I left at his place while we were dating about a million and one years ago. With all the bags of clothes and random paraphernalia he returned, it felt more like Christmas than Halloween. But whateva. I completely forgot I owned such fabulous stuff…a vintagey PBR T-shirt, a Batman pillow, one pair of to-die-for S. Edleman wedges, two pairs of designer jeans, a neon green lunchbox, and last but certainly not least…the Never-Fail Black Party Top. Yes people, the party top is back! so yeah…I'll be hotter than you Friday night.

As my favorite MTV band,To+Get=Her, pointed out in one of their oh-so-memorable and deeply soulful ballads, "the hardest part of breaking up is getting back your stuff". Dude, it took me a year, but I did it.

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