thailand trip highlights

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thailand is worth the 20 hour flight!

Trip highlights:

*"pussy eat banana" show. i watched a woman shoot a banana out of her hoo-ha and at some man minding his own business at the bar. Hot.

*The Emerald Buddha. absolutely amazing. very moving, def something to see. Just don't point your feet at Him and make yourself smaller than the monks around you. Also, Buddha appreciates a Coke Light...offer Him one.

*Kayaking through sea caves and lagoons in Phuket. gorgeous.

*the world's most ridiculous cab driver is in Bangkok. and i quote... "CAOLINE...NUMBER ONE GIRL IN AMERICA. MONTANA. APACHE. CHICAGO BEARS...THE BEARS...NANANANANANANANANAN" Then, after screaming some random facts about the Rocky Mountain states and laughing uncontrollably, he turned completely around in his seat to grab hold of Caroline's hand...she pulled out the Purell, I kept one hand on the door in case a quick escape became necessary.

*Spicy Pad Thai and lots of it.

*Vegan airline meals complete with vegan chocolate chip cookies. Yay, United.

*$5 massages and $8 mani/pedis

*Espresso delivered via canoe. Ahoy, caffeine.

I don't know. There were just a million and one great things about this trip. Traveling obviously opens my eyes to other cultures, but it never fails to teach me something about myself. I have it really good...

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