annual report

2006 a year in review…

this year started out in the toilet. And I mean that quite literally. I drank through New Year's dinner (and when I say "dinner" I mean some soup thing and a few veggies and not something that might absorb any alcohol at all) and then proceeded to suck back vodka sodas like a college freshman. I paid for it until 5pm on January 1, 2006. Awesome.

In February I threw one kick ass birthday party in the basement of InnJoy, had some quality "me" time in Puerto Rico, fell in love with tapas and all things served on small plates in Boston and took up running. Oh and I got a tattoo. It was the most painful experience of my life and even though I loved the way it turned out, I promised myself I'd never get another one…

I flew to London for the weekend in March…hung out with Bryan, Kavin, Caroline, and that turned-out-to-be creepy guy I met at my b day party. We raised some hell in Zone 1, paid twice as much for stuff we could have bought in America, did our best to "mind the gap", and somehow managed to not pay for the Heathrow Express on our way back to the airport.

Number one thing I learned in April: Shared bathrooms are scary. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Because you know…sometimes there's heroin addicts dismantling ten speed bikes in there and then when you call the cops they get mad at YOU?

The summer was nice. It was not nearly as hot as I would have liked, but eh. I ran about the city in a pair of huge sunglasses and flip flops, spent one super expensive night at Northwestern after flying off the back of a treadmill, and met the inventor of the fridge pack at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta. One particularly slow summer afternoon in the office, Bryan, Caroline and I decided Bangkok seemed like a nice place to visit and we booked a trip. Because you know…that's just how we roll.

The fall was pretty busy…I for some reason forgot how painful my first tattoo was and decided to get another one. It's adorable (tiny, and white on the inside of my wrist) but as the needle was moving back and forth and in and out over my veins, I got dizzy, fainted, and almost fell out of my chair. I'm not getting another one, and I mean it this time. Caroline and Nikki came to visit one weekend, my Dad came the next. I made them all eat dinner at Karyn's Cooked. There was a quick trip, slip, and fall in there somewhere, but it only served to remind me of all the good things I have going for me so I don't regret any of it. So…moving on…

It's been a strangely mild winter which means my puffy winter coat that could possibly double as a sleeping bag is still hanging in the closet and Al Gore is spot on about Global Warming.

All and all, I'd say 2006 was a marvelous year. It's not over yet. I plan on saying my goodbyes at Jacqueline's second annual New Years extravaganza after eating plenty of carbs and other alcohol friendly foods. I want to be alert and not facing the toilet when I say hello to 2007 because I have a hunch it's going to be even better than last year.

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