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Monday, April 2, 2007

Things missing from our kitchen…

Actually, I should rephrase that because the word "missing" implies that something that used to be there is no longer there and well…

Things that have never appeared in our kitchen:

*Knives. There's nothing sharper than a butter knife in our kitchen. And by "butter knife" I mean the little plastic thing that comes with a spork and napkin in my take-out.

*Measuring cups…I should be more specific. We have the 1 Cup, the 1/3 Cup, and the 1/8 cup. But you know, I'd really like the other ones too. Ditto for those little measuring spoon thingys. Don't make me do any unnecessary math, people.

*Baking soda, baking powder, salt, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, oil. I mean…my parents always stocked up on this stuff sooooo?

*Hand Mixer…I (incorrectly) assumed that I could stir stuff really fast and thus erase the need for a hand mixer. But alas, my manual stirring skills leave something to be desired.

*Mixing bowls…I usually use that large and oddly shaped bowl we have for chips and popcorn, but I'm starting to see the reason behind mixing bowls of various sizes. I mean sometimes, recipes require you to have ingredients and stuff in two different bowls at once. FANCY. And complicated. Like flying a helicopter.

Perhaps you're wondering why all of a sudden I am missing/needing the aforementioned items? After all, I survived three years in this city on grapes and Pad Thai just fine. And after all, I once lit a dish towel on fire while using it as a pot holder and my step mother had to save me with that sprayer thing attached to the sink (so yeah, Martha Stewart I am not). Perhaps you don't care why I would like to build a more robust collecting of small appliances and kitchen accessories, but I'll tell you anyway…

I have decided to take up a new hobby…baking vegan cupcakes. If you are lucky enough to live in the Chicagoland area, you will surely reap the benefits of my new passion.

Please stalk my blog soon for future cruelty-free cupcake fun.

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