last weekend.

<brunch at Owen & Engine (their burger is amazing) followed by shameless amounts of candy at the movies>

loving lately.

a list of things i'm currently loving from the interwebs:

///this article about Lena Dunham. i love that she's a Taylor Swift fan.
///this necklace by Lulu Frost. now only to decide if i want my maiden initial or my married initial...
///these buffalo plaid sheets. i love plaid. i love sleep.
///this family christmas photo tradition
///this sweater (in mint green) from Old Navy. mint looks great with gold accessories!
///the treadmill shredmill workout. because my east bank membership will not use itself.

celebrating the return of Downton Abbey.

how are you celebrating tonight's return of Downton Abbey? (i know you're celebrating, right?!)

as for me, i am getting into the british spirit by filling my dream closet with pieces from my favorite brits: 

british invasion

Temperley london
$1,445 -

Temperley london
$800 -


Temperley london


Burberry handbag

Jenny Packham

Vivienne westwood



anyone who knows me knows that i sort of hate new years eve. though i totally love the idea of new beginnings, fresh starts, unapologetic amounts of sequins, etc., i sort of hate the cold and the drunks and the lack of taxis and the pressure that comes with starting all over again. rather, i'd like to think that we can all make a new start whenever we feel like it...and that good friends will always be there to say CHEERS regardless of the date on a calendar. i'd also like to think that i can get a cab without a problem on any old night of the year.

having said that, i did come out of my introverted little shell this year to celebrate with some of my favorite people. and though i am painfully awkward sometimes (i spilled champagne on my faux leather pants. sad face.), i am happy that there are people i can look to--and look up to--as we move from one year to the next.

things i learned in 2012.

Here is a random (and totally not comprehensive) list of things i learned in 2012: 
  • Stefon, city correspondent on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, is the funniest thing i have ever seen. Ever. 
  • A little bit of olive oil goes a long way. 
  • When YSL heels are 40% off, you buy a pair. 
  • Houston is humid, even in march. 
  • Vegas can be an awesome place to relax (non-gaming hotel + breakfast by the pool + spa treatments + cocktails by the pool + dinner out + in bed by 10:00 p.m. = amazing vacation) 
  • Peplum is flattering. 
  • Carbs are the devil. 
  • Your purse can never be too big.
  • It's totally worthwhile to spend a lot on shoes and then buy clothes from Forever 21.
  • Nothing is more rewarding than a job well done. 
  • The Chicago architecture tour never gets old. 
  • Slot machines are actually really confusing. 
  • Old dogs are the best dogs. 
  • There's a chance that someone will hit you with a sock full of poop on the blue line.
  • It's okay to say no when people ask if you like to cook.
  • It's best to stack all your gold jewelry on one arm at one time.
  • Some popularity contests are worth winning. Others are not. 
  • The movie Clueless never gets old.
  • Starbucks has the best doughnuts.
  • Prosecco goes well with everything.
  • I reallyreallyreallyreally hate guns. 
  • Moncler coats are worth it…especially if you live in Chicago!
  • If you're sitting next to a bunch of UVA alums at a wedding, it's best to bite your tongue when you think of a snarky joke about Dave Matthews Band/Bodo's Bagels/Thomas Jefferson.
  • Crossing the US/Mexican border on foot is interesting but also sort of sad.
  • Having more work is better than less work.
  • Sock buns rock. 
  • The more eye makeup, the better. 
  • Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey are the best television shows.
  • Diet Coke is poison. 
  • I want to live in a house that looks like the Ralph Lauren store on Michigan Ave.
  • Best friends are family.
  • Photographs make the best gifts.
  • After 30, red eye flights will actually give you red eyes. 
  • I'd probably do really well living in Denmark 
  • Rdio is better than Spotify
  • My husband and I make one fierce little team. 


  1. probably more eggs than one person should eat. i devoured them while watching Hungry for Change and then felt ashamed about that side of ketchup, not to mention the diet coke [not pictured but lurking shamefully outside the frame]. 
  2. the hubs went out to watch a football game. i manned the fort from my usual spot on the couch. 
  3. the book that kept me occupied while the hubs was out. 
  4. we ordered thai takeout for dinner. afterwards, my husband and my dog fell asleep on my lap while i finished my book. it was a nice way to spend a sunday evening. :)