anyone who knows me knows that i sort of hate new years eve. though i totally love the idea of new beginnings, fresh starts, unapologetic amounts of sequins, etc., i sort of hate the cold and the drunks and the lack of taxis and the pressure that comes with starting all over again. rather, i'd like to think that we can all make a new start whenever we feel like it...and that good friends will always be there to say CHEERS regardless of the date on a calendar. i'd also like to think that i can get a cab without a problem on any old night of the year.

having said that, i did come out of my introverted little shell this year to celebrate with some of my favorite people. and though i am painfully awkward sometimes (i spilled champagne on my faux leather pants. sad face.), i am happy that there are people i can look to--and look up to--as we move from one year to the next.

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