two years!

it was 95 degrees in chicago today, so like any corn-fed midwestern gal who plans on wearing a dress to work would, i took an extra minute this morning to apply deodorant to my thighs in an attempt to avoid the dreaded "chub rub" that's so apparent this time of year. (for those of you fortunate enough to have thighs that don't touch...1) by "chub rub" i mean chafing and the deodorant prevents it from happening, and 2) we can't be friends.)

anyway! why oh why do i share this info with the internet? besides the fact that i think this little deodorant trick will help chub rub sufferers who may not be in the know, i wanted to point out that my husband witnessed this trick in action this morning and he laughed. and that is why i love him. and that is why we will be married forever.

happy two years, my hubby bubby! some of the "backstage mystery" might be gone, but i'm glad it's been replaced with laughs.


Lauren said...

Deodorant?! Who knew!! (trying that later). Any recs on a brand?

bluejeanamy said...

happy anni lovebirds!!

can't believe that was 2 years ago! purtiest bride ever!!


nikki said...

AGREED - def purtiest bride ever!!! i super love you guys.

Meghan said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary! :)

And, as a runner, they actually make a deodorant called Body Glide, which I applied yesterday to my thighs before my run. So yes, I know exactly what you're talking about:)