red, white & blue.

the jimbo and i escaped the city this fourth of july and went to visit friends in northwest indiana.

i managed to snap some photos before our journey, in the car, and inside at the dessert table, but i was having too much fun to get pics of the REALLY great stuff--my dear friend, jacqueline, her seemingly always giggly baby and her amazing parents and their friends, my hubs on a pool noodle, volleyball games, double grills, and more.

i'm a better person in warm, sunny weather, there's no double about it. this year i learned that i'm an even better person still when i'm floating in a pool with people i love, and we're all drinking apple pie shots.


bluejeanamy said...

Why doesn't my hair look like yours? :(

jasmine said...

I love your forth of July outfit. You look so pretty!!