i used to be really good at doing makeup (like, i did it for a living), but then i went through this loooong phase of wearing only tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara (i thought i was being very french) and i sort of lost all my makeup ninja skillz. i'm back on the makeup bandwagon though, and i often find myself lost in a sea of youtube beauty videos. i had no idea this was a thing? like, there's just lots of gorgeous girls on the internet who make videos showing you how you can be beautiful too? (of course, it totally helps if you start out as a naturally beautiful person, but whatevs.)

i'm sort of half insulted, half fascinated by the whole youtube makeup/beauty/fashion tip video thing, but my feelings don't really matter because wooooweeeee have i been buying lots of makeup lately. marketing!

one thing that i bought recently that i lovelovelove, is Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette.

i'm totally late to the game because this bad boy is already a 'beauty cult favorite' (i hate myself for writing that), but i do love it. here i am wearing a combo of the YDK, Busted, Booty Call, and Foxy colors.

i'm trying out all my colors before chicago becomes humid (or uuuuuuumid as my 9th grade english teacher would say--she also said uuuuuuman instead human. i don't know what she had against h's? she was sort of a biotch but she rode a motorcycle to school which is sort of awesome) and makeup starts melting off the face.

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jasmine said...

I wish I could do pretty eye shadow and eye liner. I've tried to learn (via those YouTube videos you mention), but I don't think my hands are interested in making it happen. Maybe I'll take a class one day.

Love that palette though and how you used it!!