let's be friends.

i have very fond memories of making and wearing and trading many a homemade friendship bracelet. i'd put a bunch on at the beginning of summer, and because there was no way to remove them without scissors, i'd wear them everywhere (in the ocean, in the pool, etc.) and all the time. it's sort of icky now that i think about it, but i totally rocked a fierce arm party from the moment girl scout camp started until my dance instructor would inevitably tell me that they'd all have to be cut off for a recital.

well, my friends! friendship bracelets are back and they're way more awesome than they used to be in that the grownup versions have clasps and closures so you don't have to wear them 24/7. (yay because i probably will not be rocking these bad boys in client meetings.)

my favorites are brightly colored with pieces of hardware like these guys:

friendship bracelets

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