whoopie fail.

last weekend, for jillian's fourth of july party, i made gluten free chocolate whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting and they were a hit. and i was excited because i thought maybe that could be my thing. like maybe i could be the girl that brings those delicious whoopie pies to parties, and then people would be like, "invite michaela to your party -- she'll bring her whoopie pies."

so. feeling confident coming off my whoopie pie party debut, i decided to make whoopie pies for a friend's baby shower this weekend. and i decided i would make pink whoopie pies because my friend is having a baby girl, and who doesn't love adorable little pink cakes? so i went to the store and bought all the stuff to make vanilla whoopies because i thought it would be easy peasy to add food coloring and make them pink and pretty. but you know what? adding a few drops of red food coloring to a vanilla cake mix does not make pink cake. no, no, my friends. IT MAKES SKIN COLORED CAKE.

back up to earlier in the day when i found a small spot of something brown and suspicious on the back of the couch. (now i don't want to accuse anyone of anything -- but i am totally looking at you fredward!!!) i thought i could easily clean this spot because it was small and our couch is pretty stain proof, so no biggie. i grabbed a bottle of laundry stain remover and sprayed a couple BIG spots on the couch. ten hours later i have BIG water stains on the couch and oh man...i should not have used laundry stain remover on my beautiful green mid-century modern sofa.

in other news, if you know any bachelorettes who would like a nice [white-ish person] skin-colored cake in the shape of the penis, i am totally your girl. not that i own a penis-shaped pan...i don't. one time in high school i bought a friend a box of penis shaped pasta because i thought it would be a funny gift (?), but then her dog found the box and tore into it and her parents found lots of little penis-shaped pasta pieces around the house...

the moral of this story is that i am a bad friend. also, i am a bad baker. possibly (probably) i am a bad couch-cleaner.

p.s. i'm not quite sure how i am supposed to deal with all these first-world problems and still make time to learn Google+.


Jim said...

This thread is useless without pics. #peniscakes #nerdhumor

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh. I have a bachelorette party this weekend. Can I hire you to bake a penis cake?

CH said...

OMG I remember the pasta!! How hilarious was that!!