+ remember that episode of "Sex and the City" where Carrie's computer dies and she's all upset about losing her files and everyone is all, "don't you backup your work?" and she's all, "what, does everyone run home at night and backup their work?" remember that episode? it's a goodie. anyway, my boss ran ye olde Time Machine on my little white Mac and now this baby's got back. for some reason, even though i didn't do anything at all, i feel very adult and accomplished now. i'm now a person who backs things up.

+ speaking of television, i recently started watching season one of "Giuliana and Bill" on Netflix Instant, and i think they're maybe the cutest couple ever.

+  in case my first two truths don't totally out me as a 20-something white girl, i'd like you to know that i am now filling in my eyebrows. this post, by A CUP OF JO, totally makes me feel good about rocking some fierce brows.

+ i joined Weight Watchers on monday and today is wednesday and I. AM. STARVING. also, there were Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes at work today, and i didn't have one. avoiding them felt masochistic and wrong. question: is denying yourself desserts supposed to make you feel like dying inside?

+ my dog is super wrinkly and adorable. (see above.) sometimes when he's being really quiet (which is a lot because he sleeps about 16 hours a day), i check on him to make sure he's still breathing. he's an old buddy and i'm a paranoid bully mama. i sometimes whisper in his ear, "please don't die in your sleep tonight."

+ i'm glad the fourth of july is over because the fireworks that went off on saturday, sunday, and monday nights in the park across the street were keeping me up at night. i'm old.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I LOVE your dog! So cute!

Jim said...

fireworks were very loud. how rude for a school night.

Young People in Love said...

this is the SWEETEST little wrinkle faced pup ever!! LOVE LOVE!

darling blog :) following!

thobeka said...

i love giuliana & bill too!