the weekend.

this weekend was the perfect mix of fun and lazy which i totally appreciated. my bestest gal pal, jillian, threw a little 4th of july bash at her place where we ate lots of yummy foods (i made gluten free whoppee pies in adorable little whoppee pie tins), drank lots of frozen umbrella drinks, caught up with an old friend who recently moved to Chicago, and reminisced about all the funny things we did in college. the rest of the weekend was spent sleeping in, cuddling up to my hubs and our bully, and just generally avoiding productivity at all costs.

1. walking over to jillian's. it was 1085897746746 million degrees outside.
2. jillian and two teeny puppies.
3. julie being sassy.
4. the reason why i had to join weight watchers this weekend.

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Meghan said...

Super cute dress, girl!