i put ketchup on my ketchup.

my dear friend jacqueline got me this t-shirt for my birthday, and it's basically my most favorite t-shirt ever.*

it's just so me. 

give me any food/condiment that combines vinegar, salt, and sugar and i'll throw it down my gullet. when i sit down with a plate of fries, it's only because fried potatoes act as a perfect vehicle for my ketchup. {this is true for most foods.}

p.s. do you like my pink reindeer pajama pants? i like them almost as much as i like ketchup. almost.

*the only t-shirt in my collection that's also in the running for "best t-shirt ever" is the one i got from my husband that has a picture of hugh laurie as dr. house and says, "it's not lupus." also awesome. 


Jim said...

And the reindeer pants are made of fleece!

Nikki said...

something about this pic and reading yours/amys blogs makes me sad that we dont all live in the same region anymore :(

Hmm says the event planner... perhaps i shall plan a reunion weekend?