the time i was condemned to a life of solid colors.

one day when when we were seniors in high school, amy, nikki, and i ventured into boston to try on prom dresses. it was a pretty fun outing until we ended up at Cache and and met a sales girl who was dead set on giving us the world's strangest prom options while also serving up a nice combo of backhanded compliments and outright insults.

por ejemplo...

the sales girl took one look at amy and said, "you. you're....thin. we're going to put you in THIS." then she held up a black corset top with ropes and tassels. it was dominatrix-meets-grandma's curtains. poor amy had to hold the wall while crazy-lady pulled the straps as tight as she could, a la scarlet o'hara.

then crazy-lady looked at me and said, "you look like a size ten." oh, the utter disgust in her voice! "we're going to put you in solid colors." but then she came back with a two-piece pastel, flower print number? i wanted to kill myself.

sales-weirdo went easier on nikki, although i think she may have gone a little pervy with the way she kept complimenting nikki's body.

anyway! sometimes i go shopping and i'll find something i really like, like this...

(Ali Ro Printed Dress w/ Beaded Shoulders via Bloomies. On sale!)

...and i'll think to myself, "i can't get this. i should wear solid colors."

luckily i'm older and wiser and much more comfy in my skin, so these thoughts never last long.

solid colors be damned!


jasmine said...

haha! what a bitch!!!

amy said...




why did i have to wear a curtain/corset??????

that woman wanted to EAT NIKKI.

no solid colors for chu!