i've been wanting a photo collage on my wall for approximately 1.5 million years. so i finally got my act together and bought all the frames, printed out the pictures, put the pictures in the frames, windexed all the glass, mapped out the collage, and convinced the hubs to nail it all to the wall...

...and i'm in love!

i wanted a collage of our family and friends laughing and dancing and having fun or just totally looking happy, and that's exactly what we made. 

i'm excited to wake up to this every day. it makes our apartment feel like a home, and i love living here even more than i did before. {if that's even possible.}

major props to the hubs who actually did the manual labor involved in getting this on the wall. {give me a hammer and nails and i'll look at you and say, "HUH?" i'm basically worthless in that regard.}


Meredith said...

Lovely! I've been completely slacking on putting up something similar.

I love the different frames!

Nikki said...

looks awesome! and i'm soooooooooo happy i'm in it somewhere tiny smiling and dancing on your happy day!