i'm basically a groundhog

being 28 was pretty awesome, and i feel badly for 29 because 29 has some big shoes to fill. 

p.s. i am a total Office slut; i've seen every episode about a hundred times. one of my favorites is the one where jim and dwight scramble to throw Kelly a belated office birthday party. they hang tiny, deflated silver and brown balloons from the conference room ceiling because they "match the carpet" and offer kelly a choice for her birthday present: an hour of TV or an hour long nap. kelly chooses the nap -- i would too. 


amy said...

ahahhaha. i LOVED that episode. one of my flav-rits.

happy birthday gal pal!! i'm sitting here trying to remember how we celebrated our birthdays junior or senior years of high school? but i can't???

Meghan said...

I loved that episode. And I love Kelly, so that helps too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you are enjoying your trip - wait until you get back here. It's bananas!