crap i buy at drug stores :: part one

i'm jealous of women who look truly fantastic in really red lipstick.

i tried it on myself a few times when i was just hanging around the house, but it's a pretty bold look and i've always been afraid that if i venture out into public, a small child will stare and point and say, "look, mom, a sad clown!"

and as much as i don't want to be known as the Sad Clown of Bucktown, i also don't want to be the girl who says i can't wear something because i "can't pull it off." i'm a firm believer that anyone can pull anything off so long as she has the confidence to back it up.

so i'm not giving up on my dream to sport red lips. i think i just need to experiment with a few different shades (orangey-red? bluish red?) and types (gloss? matte?) before i find the right combo for me.

as an aside -- there's some serious shit going on in the world right now, and i am blogging about finding an awesome lipstick. i just thought i'd let you know that yes, i do think i'm ridiculous.

anyway! while in orlando, i picked up Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in "Flame."

and i think i like it! 

the lipstain part is sort of like a magic marker which makes it easy to "color within the lines." i applied the balm before the lipstain, and i'd recommend doing it the opposite way  -- the balm is really lipid-y (word?) and it prevented the color from sticking to my lips. 

using the balm over the color is the way to go -- lipstains in general tend to feel dry, and the balm helps. also, i think it helps to evenly distribute the color simply because you're smearing it on top. 

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