63 days...

...until the day.

jim and i have pretty much nailed down all the important wedding details. we're just tying up loose ends at this point.

one loose end i'm working on?

pink or gray shoes? (because lawd knows, i'm not wearing boring old white ones!)

which should i pick?


Meredith said...

Ohhhh decisions. I vote pink, but they're both gorgeous.

I wish I had worn cooler shoes for my wedding. I had some awesome ones, but they were taken hostage by the cobbler and I had to replace them with boredom personified.

JenRem said...

Pink, pink, pick! Those are fabulous. Wow, only 63 days until you're a Mrs.
How exciting :) :) :)

amy said...

can't wait!!

i like 'em both, but i'll say gray.