we made it to chicago! and we're [sort of] unpacked! and we're stealing someone else's internets!

highlights from the reedy/morris move from brooklyn to chicago:

*packing one million boxes. in the beginning i was packing things in a nice, neat, and organized fashion. in the end? i would look at a pile that consisted of one sock, one screw driver, one stamp, one plastic cup, and one tube of travel toothpaste, know that each thing had it's own place to go, and then just throw the pile into the closest empty box.

*driving a 14' U-Haul truck through the Holland Tunnel. it was terrifying.

*getting the U-Haul stuck in a snowbank for an hour.

*french fries and frosties (because i use traveling as an excuse to eat fast food. and because it's delicious.)

*carrying some boxes from the U-Haul to the new apartment, hearing BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, and turning around to an SUV barrelling down the street. i get ready to throw my hands up and do my very best WHATSAMATTAWITHYOU? when Rosie and Jillian, holding a bottle of prosecco and a box of cookies, poke their heads out the car window. my friends = best welcome wagon ever.

i'm freakin' home, y'all!!!


Nikki said...


But I'm happy for you, Chicago. Really.

Kimberly Julie said...

AH! So very very happy for you! Home is far too important to stay away for long...

Bridget said...

Yaaayy for you! So exciting!