happy weekend

it's cold here in chicago.

so jim and i decided to warm up with hot drinks and brunch with friends at a cozy little neighborhood spot.

jim wore his patriots hat in anticipation of today's game.

he was an hour late for kickoff because uh...we forgot that we live in the central time zone now.


Jenni said...

You are just so beautiful lady. Seriously, I adore you. And Jim is funny, I laughed at that photo.

Glad you're so happy in Chicago :)

Amanda said...

hope he didn't try to filter that coffee through his scarf- messy!

sarah said...

hahahahaaa jim


amy said...

you're in chicago! weeeee!

personally, i like it cuz you're closer now. cuz it's all about me. bye.

the real mia said...

Super cute photos. Coffee with my sweetie is one my favorite pastimes.