i have this reoccurring dream where i have a baby and then a few months go by and i realize that i FORGOT that i had a baby and OH MY GOD, WHO'S BEEN FEEDING THE BABY??? and then i run to find the baby and when i do, the baby is OK and i'm all I'LL NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOU EVER AGAIN! but then i forget about the baby again?

question: does this mean i am royally screwed up?
answer: we're looking into it.

anyway! all i am trying to say is that i have NOT forgotten about my blog. posting has been light because we've been busy unpacking, preparing for new jobs, and running cost-benefit analysis reports on Comcast and DirectTV.

but we're back, yo.


Jim said...

I don't even know where to start in terms of commenting on that dream.

Nikki said...

I believe it means that you should have a baby.

amy said...

i second nikki.

also - can i come watch your cable?

Jenni said...

That is a hilarious, but quite disturbing, dream you've got there. Maybe it means you need a baby (oh, Jim ;)). HaHa. Glad to hear you're doing well.

Tammy Blythe Goodman said...

i actually have that same exact dream except about my dog, and then a group of dogs. i usually have it about my old dog that died actually. i think it's an anxiety dream about responsibilities.

my $.02.

CH said...

I have this recurring dream SIMILAR.... it's that i'm in school/college and I realize "wait.... I signed up for a History class and I've NEVER BEEN..... FOR MONTHS!! I wonder if there's an exam today?? The final? I don't even know what room this class is in! I'm going to fail!!" and I totally freak out!

Similar, but no one starves in my dream ;)