came across this while i was searching for bridesmaid dresses

anything that makes a size 2 model look like a size 12 makes me nervous.

and it's $2,200.00?

dear J.Crew,

you can do better.



amy said...

holy god. can you imagine what it would do to my post-partum body? nooooooooooooo j. crew nooooooooo!

Helen said...

ewww! It makes her look like she's actually short and dumpy and wearing stilts.

I guess the whole idea of making the bridesmaids look bad to make the bride look better might have been an 'inspiration'?

Jenni said...

Oh gross - bad, bad, bad. Everyone makes mistakes though, right? We'll just write it off as their one mistake of the season ;)

Stacey Sargent said...

That is horrible and i usually love all that j.crew does. so sad!

Kimberly Julie said...

yeah, they really dropped the ball on this one. :(

i'm thrilled that since i'm in my best friend's wedding party, we all get my employee discount! woot! it's going to be marvelous. :) :) :)