the emboss boss

my friend caroline and i went to a DIY wedding favors workshop at Paper Source last weekend. and let me tell you what: Paper Source has some magical ability to make even the most un-crafty person (me) want to MAKE STUFF.

and MAKE STUFF i did. look, ma!

basically we learned how to fold teeny boxes (engineers encouraged to apply), emboss, tie bows, etc. the workshop leader was trying to get us to brainstorm ideas for things that could go inside the boxes and i was all:

small animals!
a goldfish!

the boxes are cute when they're done, but have you ever tried to nail an eyelet into a teeny tiny hole? have you ever tried to do it a hundred times?

i worry about me, assembling lots of boxes, bleeding, crying, stamping, embossing, and then...having all my guests, pissed about the "hope" i put inside, throwing the boxes in the garbage on their way to the after party. and then i can just see myself scooping up all the discarded boxes, chasing after my guests and screaming DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO FOLD THIS??? also, YOU LET ALL THE HOPE OUT, BITCHES.

so we'll see if i decide to make little boxes for my favors. i probably will. i'll probably stuff them with locks of my hair.


Meredith said...


Those boxes are really cute, though.

Nikki said...

Hah I did in fact nail eyelets into tiny holes hundreds of times! Oh man, i went to paper source and i made a whole lotta things for the weddin'. Escort cards, table cards, a billion cranes, thank you's...... mermermemremr.

that stuff you have is SO CUTE mic. if i have any mic-made paper goods i will APPRECIATE!

Jenni said...

Woo Hoo - go you! These things are great!