we registered last night

well, we started to register anyway.

this is the very first thing we scanned.

it's retro style! and it's pistachio! i die!

p.s. the second thing we scanned was the ice cream maker attachment.

p.p.s. i think i'm going to like being a grown up and having grown up things.


Courtney said...

having grown up things is the best!

PS: cleaning them after making cheddar cheese bread is NOT the best.

amy said...

ohhhh i LOVE the pistachio color!

my kitchen aid mixer still rocks my world. such a bonus to the marriage thing.

i get such a kick out of actually having real THINGS in my cupboards to make stuff with that weren't left behind by tenants from 1978.

Meredith said...

Nice choice on the mixer, and the color is perfecto. I have one I love, but it's a sad, lonely shade of white.
How much fun is registering? I made the mistake of doing it all on line, and I'm guessing I missed out on the best part.

Jenni said...

That is probably one of the first things I would have scanned to. BEAUTIFUL! I've wanted one for years, but know that the price tag is not worth how many times I'd actually use it.
Have fun with the rest of your grown-up things. I'm going to go play in the dirt.

buhdoop said...

lol, we still need to do that.

Bridget said...

I got this in red! LOVE IT!