sweeter than sweet

can we talk about this commerical please?

god, i would've loved to be part of the creative team that came up with this one. can you imagine it? "let's have bunnies! in sweaters! with balloons! and cotton candy! bunnies in tea cups! bunnies dressed up like cows!"



Jenni said...

Michigan's lotto commercials are definitely NOT this cool.
New York - 1
Michigan - 0

sarah said...

i LOVE IT! <3 the cow idea sent this commerical into the realms of awesome.

ps i love it when you post. i get so happy. is that creepy? it might be. but i have a feeling i would want to be your friend in real life!

Courtney said...

favorite part....bunnies in bumper cars. hilarious!

Alicia said...

Oooo I want a bunny! I love the bunny getting his photo taken!! :)