the glamor of business travel...

i don't want to complain so i'm not going to complain. remember that -- this post is not me complaining. promise. it's just me telling about my insane day yesterday...

background: i was away all week at a customer sales rally in virginia. i was supposed to fly home to NYC on thursday afternoon.


7:00 am-- wake up with a hangover. (there was some karaoke with the customer on wednesday night and i'm sorry, if there's an opportunity to karaoke, i'm going to karaoke. and if i'm going to karaoke, i'm going to drink.)

10:00 am-- drive large vehicle down steep mountain in the rain. cry about it because it's scary.

12:30 pm-- arrive early for my 2:25 flight, but it's all good because a) i didn't drive off the rainy foggy mountain, b) i found a table near a power outlet, and c) free WiFi!

1:30 pm-- flight delayed till 2:55

2:00 pm-- flight delayed till 3:30

2:30 pm-- flight delayed till 3:40

3:00 pm-- flight delayed till 5:30

3:15 pm-- flight delayed till 6:00

3:30 pm-- pace up and down terminal A

4:30 pm-- flight delayed till 6:30

5:00 pm-- call jim to complain about it.

5:30 pm-- flight canceled.

5:35 pm-- stand in line at customer service while on the phone with customer service to get rebooked ASAP.

5:45 pm-- woman on the phone rebooks me for a flight the next day. i stand in line anyway for a hotel voucher.

5:50 pm-- US Airways tells first woman in line that no one will be getting hotel vouchers.

5:51 pm-- it is becoming clear to the Richmond US Airways representatives that it is a very bad idea to piss off a group of New Yorkers who just want to go home. there is some yelling. (i don't yell, but i watch.)


5:55 pm-- Cops come. we all get hotel vouchers. not even the cops want to mess with a group of angry New Yorkers.

6:30 pm-- Walk up to my hotel room, open door. the TV is on and blaring and the rooms reeks of cigarettes. someone in there? i have visions of scary men hiding in the closet waiting to rape me. i go back to the lobby to ask for another room.

6:40 pm-- In second room. order pizza and buffalo kickers. they forgot the hot sauce. damn.

7:00 pm-- Watching TV and doing some emails. The TV suddenly turns off. SMOKE starts pouring out of the top of the TV. smell of burning plastic is overwhelming. i gather my stuff and run to the lobby.

7:10 pm-- In third hotel room. wondering if i still have a valid prescription for prozac...


Nikki said...

i am so sorry this happened to you! however i did LOL at this. not sure if it was intended to be funny.

Hey one time in Nashville I went into my room and there were these red suitcases in there and i'm like HUH? Then this drunk couple walks in to drunk me in their room - hey the key worked. And my make up bag was in their bathroom, but none of my other bags. Imagine us drunkies angry and confused and trying to figure THAT out... AWKWARD!

Anyway, GET HOME SAFE and may you be showered with all sorts of free shit from the hotel and airline.

Jenni said...

HaHaHaHa, this story is hilarious! I actually laughed out loud while reading it. This is one for the record books :)

Courtney said...

Ahhh the joys of traveling.

PS: who smokes in hotel rooms these days?

Christine Staley said...

That is the craziest shit I ever heard! Glad you made it home!