i heart visitors

i'm not sure how i got so lucky, but all of a sudden there have been lots of fun visitors for me to to play with in new york.

last weekend when she was done moving her brother into the NYU dorms, rosie (a.k.a. pledge master) came over to brooklyn to hang out with little old me.

she treated jim and me to dinner (which is seriously so nice and totally not necessary, rosie!!!!) while we drilled her with all our pilot-related questions. (she's a pilot. she calls the cockpit a "box office." lovessss it.)

this past weekend, bryan and his friend burke came to town.

don't they just look like they're fun? they are.

(poor burke suffered the same sort of work related questions as rosie. except he's a dentist so it was more like, "WILL YOU LOOK INSIDE MY MOUTH?" i kid. but i did feel the need to tell him multiple times that i went to see the dentist this year.)

we went to dinner at a vegan restaurant in chelsea where i ate this for dessert:

it's vegan chocolate ganache with vanilla soy ice cream and a peanut butter drizzle. (i sort of wish this was in my mouth right now.) oh and uh, the dinner entree was excellent as well.

i wore something sort of ridiculous to dinner.

but i ask you... if a girl can't wear her harem pants out to a vegan restaurant with her gay friends than where can she?


Jenni said...

Oh you're so adorable and it sounds like you've had some super duper fun weekends. Friends visiting are always be best! :)

Courtney said...

I'm not much of a dessert eater, but I want that dessert in my mouth now too!!!

YAY for fun friends!