all hail to our old gold and black!

college football season starts = my DVR filled with every. single. televised. game.

why? because my fiance is a sports editor for a university wire, and it's his job to watch them all.

and you'd think that since i went to big 10 school and i'm marrying a sports editor that i would enjoy watching football even a little bit. ugh, i'm almost ashamed to tell you this, but i don't.

but i've tried to like football! i really have! my freshman year at purdue i went to every home game. every one! and i did it up right too. i went to slayter hill and drank warm, flat beer from random fraternity tailgates. i stood (STOOD) in the student section of ross-ade for four (FOUR) hours at a time. and i did it in both insanely hot weather AND sub zero temperatures. (you get BOTH in football. how fun.) so you see, i TRIED.

but by senior year i had given up trying to pretend that i liked football. i stayed back at the house and babysat for sorority alum and honestly...playing with babies was way more fun for me. (maybe the best part was that babies didn't give me a hangover at 4:00 in the afternoon. also babies are a good excuse to watch Veggie Tales.)

but. BUT! i will always, always, always, cheer for the boilermakers. because i heart purdue and because i want purdue to win the game. i just don't want to watch it.

BOILER UP this weekend!


Meredith said...

Totally with you on the football thing, and it's hard because my husband and his family are OBSESSED with Penn State.

Jenni said...

First and foremost, I must say GO BLUE! I'm a U of M girl so I'm so going to be cheering for them hard when they play Purdue ;)

Secondly, you don't like football? I feel like I can't be a friend of yours anymore. JUST KIDDING. I hope you don't get bored with my blog during this season as I droll and talk about my college football adventures.

Kimberly Julie said...

Go Dawgs and the SEC! I've stopped trying to keep up with everything that is going on all season long, but I do love to watch Georgia tee up between the hedges on a beautiful Saturday morning. :)