DJ MiMo in da hiiizzzzy

jim and i are going to interview a potential wedding DJ tonight. i think it's going to be pretty funny actually.

i hope he looks like this.

creepy, right? that's why i saved it in My Pictures as "creepy."

i'm sorry, i'm in a weird mood. i blame my friend Caroline (Hayes, not Sack, not Vaandrager) who sent me this pic over IM today...

...and asked me how i thought it would FEEL to wear them.

anyway. DJ, yes. band, no. this was one decision i made a looooong time ago. bands are nice, don't get me wrong, but can i share with you a small sampling of songs from my shuffle playlist this morning?

Badly Drawn Boy - Above You, Below Me
R. Kelly - Ignition
Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule - I'm Real
James Taylor - Mexico
M.I.A. - Paper Planes
Ra Ra Riot - Too Too Too Fast

show me a band that can sing James Taylor AND JLo and i will consider them.

but i sort of love it how some people are very open about their feelings on decisions we've already made about the wedding. not about the DJ...everyone thinks this is the way to go...but a few ppl have made comments about how terribly loooooong and boooooooring our Catholic ceremony will be. this makes me laugh're complaining about the actual GETTING MARRIED part? you just moved to be B list, dude.


Courtney said...

Please God let the DJ look like that cat...and be wearing the fish-flops!

Jenni said...

OMG JLO & Ja Rule's I'm Real is my favorite song of ALL time. That is so funny that you mentioned it. We are meant to be friends.

And I think a DJ is fine. Like you said, show you a band that can play that wide of a range of music (and take all requests for wild crazy songs).

Hope the meeting with the DJ went well. :)