venting about things that really aren't problems at all

i was supposed to take the red eye from San Francisco to NYC last night, but my boss and i busted ass and pointed so powerfully with our PowerPoints that we were able to make an earlier flight. this is good news because it means i landed at JFK at midnight last night and not at 8am this morning. this is also sad news because it means my trip was shortened and i didn't get to spend any time with Amy or Jamie. (not sure how, but i have always managed to fit play time with these two into my business trips to San Francisco. this time i was expected to like, you know, work. THE NERVE.)

i've been so busy recently that it's starting to get to me. for example, i caught myself staring out the window next to my desk today, picking my bottom lip, and slowly rocking back and forth while whispering gibberish and chewing on my hair. not sure how long i was doing that... when i snapped out of it, i composed a nice little email to our travel agent asking to book me on yet ANOTHER FLIGHT and i swear as i typed, i developed this weird, violent twitch in my eyeball. know what else? i DREAM in PowerPoint.

you know what i really want right now? i want to have a nice quiet dinner with jim. i want to sit on the couch and watch season 2 disc 4 of Mad Men straight through without getting up off the couch even once. i want to sit in the sun with a floppy hat and read 10 fashion magazines and my next book club book. i want to forget about the evils of creating org charts in PowerPoint and i want to be completely silent for a good three hours straight.

i got me a bad case of first-world problems, am i right? before you go thinking that i'm a huge brat you should know that i know that not having time to be a disgusting sloth-like creature in front of the television is not a real problem and i actually really love my job. but seriously y'all...I DREAM IN POWERPOINT.

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Kimberly Julie said...

Hahaha. Dreaming about work is the absolute pits. Seriously.