en route to "the city that rocks the city that never sleeps" (name that song and i will be your best friend)

i was in chicago last week and it was totally amazing because i got to see some good friends, go to the billy joel and elton john at wrigley field, eat my favorite bar food, wear a slap bracelet, and also because i got to shop at the BIG forever 21 (um, forever 35) in water tower. life is good!

i flew home on saturday night, unpacked my bag sunday, re-packed my bag on monday and today i am flying to san francisco. AND BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED.

you know what the crazy thing is though? i'm in the air right now. i kid you not...i am in flight at 30,000 feet as i type these very words.

i always get really excited whenever i'm on a flight with WiFi. it's new and fun now, but i suppose some day very soon we'll have Internet on all flights AND cell phone service and then how will a little video game sales girl like myself avoid work?

here are the pros of in-flight Internet:

1. i get to check my blogs (mama loves her stories)

2. i get to email everyone i know and say "i'm online and on a plane at the same time!!!!" and let's be honest, that's exciting for everyone.

3. forget about the in-flight movie...i'm going to stream me some Netflix!

here are the cons of in-flight Internet:

1. there are no power outlets. i paid $12.95 (OK my company paid $12.95) to use Internet for the duration of this flight and my battery is dying and there's not much i can do about it except give the occasional pep talk. you can do it, little battery! think FULL!

2. i swear the American Airlines seats are way smaller than the United seats, and i swear that if my laptop were any closer to my face right now, it would be in my mouth.

3. the dude next to me can totally see everything i am doing. hello mr. 22B! how's the window seat treating you?

4. that important work email that just came through? i totally have to answer it.

ok so i'm off. there is PowerPointing to be done and tables to pivot.


Jenni said...

I had no idea that (some) planes now supported wi-fi access. That is AMAZING! Plus it would make long flights from NY to San Francisco (like yours!) much better. How cool.
ps- I was also in Chicago this past weekend! Didn't make it to that Forever 21 store though (but it is one of the best!) I didn't go, but everyone I met who went to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert said it was amazing.

Farah said...

that is amazing! I never knew you could go online while on a flight. amazing!