subway art

every single subway ad in new york city gets defaced. seriously, i've never seen one left intact. and usually the vandals are totally uncreative...adding mustaches to pictures of pretty women, coloring teeth black on a toothy smile, maybe adding a hairy mole or two. amateur stuff, right? but i found one defaced subway ad that is AMAZING.

so if you're not from NYC, i'll explain...the original ad is one of those "safety on the subway" campaigns showing a man walking into the subway car and holding the doors open (a no-no). our creative vandal took the face of Harry Potter from one of the movie ads in the station and pasted it over the door holder. i think the wizard's hat and wand is a nice touch too. now the words..."Not even magic can bring the fare down" refers to the recent increase in subway fare. the green letters were taken from some very wordy ad hanging next to this one and pasted on.

i stand in front of this ad every day while i wait for the G train in the Carroll Street station. (and maybe i touched it once just to make sure it's real.) and i think other people must admire our creative vandal's work too because it hasn't been defaced further.

p.s. i think this person's work is totally inspired and i think maybe one of his/her's biggest inspirations was how freakin' bored a person can get while waiting for the G train on off-peak hours.


Kimberly Julie said...

gosh, i appreciate creativity so much... i don't even like HP, but this is truly genius. love it.

Sharon said...

i'm fairly certain this is the work of posterboy. he is awesome. check out some more of his stuff here:

mic said...

oh wow, i had no idea! thanks, sharon!

Jenni said...

How cool! I love creative street artists. Thanks for sharing.