Oh, he don't score at bowl-a-rama. Still you gotta thank his mama.

you know what's lookin' mighty fine these days?

a quickie vegas wedding! (i'm like 75% serious about this.)

yesterday was a rough day. but it all ended OK thanks to him...

i'm constantly surprised by how much this guy loves me. I mean, yes, I am totally lovable (obviously), but it's still seems crazy (and wonderful and totally unbelievable), that i have someone who gets all protective of me when someone makes me sad. i don't know how to describe it except to say that it actually hurts him to see me get hurt. and just think about that! think about how crazy it is to be so close to someone that your feelings are actually all intertwined with theirs. and stuff. CRAZY, right?

c 2 the r 2 the a-z-y.


Caroline said...

I'm with you on the Vegas wedding. Maybe we can get a 2 for 1 deal??

Christine Staley said...

VEGAS WEDDINGS ROCK! I highly recommend, though maybe not so much the Shalimar at the Ho-Jo's (which for the record is where H2.0 and I ended up getting hitched.) For $199, we got a ride in a limo from the hotel, use of the fake bouquet and lapel flower, 10 wedding photos, streaming video for friends and fam to watch live, and a 5 minute ceremony that was exactly the right amount of time.