i would be slightly offended to receive this card

wedding planning is totally on hold for the moment. we have to wait for the event coordinator at The Montauk Club to come back from her never-ending vacation so we can finally book the place. (a vacation? the nerve.)

so in the meantime i'm sort of twiddling my thumbs and window shopping and dreaming and filling up the DVR with Say Yes to the Dress, Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Platinum Weddings, and Bridezillas. jim is psyched.

speaking of bridezillas, i came across this "will you be my bridesmaid?" card on Etsy.

at first glance i thought this card was super cute. then i started reading it.

my favorite line is, "Will you stop indoor tanning a month before my date so you're not tanner than me?" but another goodie is, "Will you...try to keep yourself from tripping on the dance floor?"

I mean...this card is sort of weird and mean, right? i'm sitting here trying to think of funny lines to add to this card. maybe...

"Will you lose 20 pounds before my big day?"

"Will you promise not look prettier than me? Ever?"

"Will you promise not to dance naked on the bar at my reception?"

Send me any other funny demands you can think of!


Kimberly Julie said...

Will you grow your hair out so we can all have matching up-do's?

Oh wait, this is what my sister asked me. Awesome. Being a bridesmaid sorta sucks... so glad I have only had to do it once thus far!

Erendira said...

i'm also planning my wedding and everything is OK but the thing is that I don't have time and I don't have enough money :( but everything is happiness :P "All you need is love" (and a pair of awesome shoes, and money to do your wed in the beach, and lost 20 pounds, and... and.. and...)

amy said...

try to keep yourself from tripping on the dance floor is so mean!

i'm still mad at you for tripping on mine during MY WEDDING.

i think you could also add:

please make semi-awkward faces during all the pictures so you never look prettier than me.


please check in with me before you use the bathroom.

Kimberly Julie said...

Ps- I like this a whole lot better...