got the dress

last sunday i went to Kleinfeld for their monthly wedding dress sample sale. i wasn't expecting to buy anything because i figured i should get some other wedding stuff in order first (like, um, pick a date?), but i thought it would be fun to see what they had.

and guess what? i bought my dress! it wasn't at all what i thought i wanted in a wedding dress, but when i put it on i was all, LOOK AT ME BEING A BRIDE!, so i knew it was "the one."

since i was buying a sample (50% off the retail price thankyouverymuch), i had to bring the dress home with me that day. and since i was by myself when i bought it, i spent a good 20 minutes on 6th avenue holding an insanely long and heavy garment bag over my head while i tried to flag down cabs with my legs. fun times.

when i finally got a cab, i threw the dress in the back and climbed on top of it and proceeded to tell the driver all about my new wedding dress all the way to brooklyn. i think he was genuinely interested.

when i got to my building, i told everyone in the elevator, "THIS IS MY WEDDING DRESS!" and when i got home...

...i cuddled up next to the dress and cooed sweet nothings into it's plastic bag.

as you can probably tell

i was pretty excited.


Nikki said...

AAAAAAHHHHH i'm just dying DYING to see it. I know you will look AMAZING.


NOW SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah said...

that`s so very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pah - dates can wait!

you have a dress!

Meredith said...

Yay for wedding dresses! I wish I could still go and try some on just for fun. Congratulations on finding the one (dress and person)!

Kimberly Julie said...

Oh yaaaaay! I cannot wait to see its beautifulness! :)

Amy Cowan said...

can't wait to seeeeeeee it. and flufffff it on the big day!