We picked a general location

We haven’t hammered out many (er, any?) details for our wedding yet, but we do know that the ceremony and reception will take place in Brooklyn.

This news might surprise you if you read this blog because I have made it very clear(here, here, here,) that NYC is an evil city that’s totally out to get me. I will try to explain.

I’ve been a resident of New York City for a year now. (That’s just crazy y’all, I feel like I was on the phone fighting with my moving company just yesterday.)

This past year has had some serious downs. Leaving Chicago and all my best friends who live there was RIDICULOUSLY HARD. I won’t go into details, just know that I take my capitalization seriously and it really was that hard.

This year has also had some serious ups. Hello! I met my future husband less than a month after moving here! And I don’t really believe in the “oh I was MEANT to move here and Jim and I were DESTINED to be together” mumbo-jumbo, but I do thank my lucky stars that I DID move and we DID meet.

Anyway, Brooklyn! So Brooklyn’s the place where Jim and I first made a home together. It’s the place that made me think that maybe, possibly, perhaps, weather permitting, I could live in New York City and not completely hate everything about it for every hour of every day for the rest of my life. Brooklyn’s the place that made me think that maybe I could love New York and stick around awhile. Brooklyn is so cute and so fun that it makes TRASH HEAPS piled 6 feet high on Manhattan sidewalks bearable and subway seats smeared with poop almost laughable.


We’re going to check out The Montauk Club in Brooklyn’s Park Slop neighborhood tomorrow as a possible reception venue. If we love it, we’re going to see what dates they have available and then Jim’s going to blindfold me and spin me around and I’m going to point to the calendar and whatever date I land on will be our wedding date.

No. That last part is not true. But really there will be no rhyme or reason to our wedding date. We’re going with a date that works for the Church and Club because we’re flexi like that.

I couldn't’t find any pics of the actual space where the dinner and dancing will take place, but you can get a general feel of the place from these.

I love the vintagey library feel.

Anyway, I feel like Brooklyn is an amazing piece of NYC that lots of people miss when they're visiting the city, and I'm psyched to have all our closest friends and family experience the BEST borough (imho) on our big day!


Lindsey said...

The place looks lovely! And don't worry, the details will fall into place. Your taste is impecable, I'm sure every bit of it will be perfect. Do you even know what month?

amy said...

i needz haz update. bai.