chub rub

soooo...remember when i ate this?

and this

and everything in here

and this

and YUM-O


and this

and these

and yummy in the tummy

and nom nom nom

so you remember, yes?

well all the goodness has caught up with me. and by "me" i mean "my bum." i've gained some chub. SHOCKER, right?

so i'm doing the unthinkable and actually getting up and hitting the gym before work. i've been three times this week. golf claps!

this is week one of "someday i'll be able to wear dresses without my upper thighs rubbing together and creating open wounds."


sarah said...

you make me hungry!! which is not fair because its 9 am and i have a day full of classes and HOURS before lunch time and NO SNACKS

thanks a lot

am going to go drown my sorrows in coffee

Amanda said...

this is week one of "someday i'l be able to wear dresses without my upper thighs rubbing together and creating open wounds." >precisely why i can't wear shorts when i work out.

Kimberly Julie said...

i've been to the gym twice this week! yay us! :)

Amy Cowan said...

i was just telling my mom one of my funniest memories of you. it was summer after high school i think? and we were swimming at the crazy people i babysat/you house sat?

and you were in a bikini and we're all "DAMN girl, you look hot!"

and you were all "i'm much bigger than i look."

which literally makes no sense and makes me giggle, 10 years later.

i'm jealous of you because you honestly always look purty and toned and lovely no matter what you weigh. *muah*

CH said...

I remember that, i was sitting on the beach chair in jeans and a wool sweater :) hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nikki said...

a pregnany lady can't handle these pictures.........

Lindsey said...

Bravo! Keep it up...actually, I bet you'll get so busy/chaotic/nervous (in a good way) before the wedding that you'll just be too busy to eat. It's after the wedding that sucks. Crap. That's where I am.

Kym said...

hahahaha funny cus today i was thinking about the same thing. ive been eating out like crazy in the last little while and decided to step on the scale today. yup, 7 lbs gained. =S but oh man i LOVE that cookie monster cupcake or whatver that was. haha! ;)