ready, set, plan!

so i told myself when i got engaged (after all the squealing and jumping and laughing, and happy tears subsided) that i would give myself one week to sit back and really enjoy being engaged before i started to think about the wedding. well, that one week is officially up and it's time to start planning! yippie skippie!

the first thing we have to do is finalize the budget which i am guessing (hoping) is the least fun part of the whole shebang. but once it's done we can start thinking about all the good stuff so i'm concentrating on the good stuff. :) the only thing i know about our wedding for sure (besides the fact that my best friend will be waiting for me at the end of the aisle!) is that i want to wear awesome shoes (under an awesome dress).

(aren't these Louboutins to die for?)

soooo, i am accepting tips and tricks and wedding planning advice from anyone and everyone who feels like sharing! were there any blogs, books, or magazines that were really helpful in your planning process? is there anything you'd do differently if you were to plan your wedding all over again? for the single peeps...what are some of the best weddings you've been to and what made them special? LAY IT ON ME!


Meredith said...

First of all, those shoes are freaking amazing and you should do everything in your power to wear them at your wedding.Those should be the inspiration for the entire look of the event.
Second, Martha Stewart Weddings was my life's breath when I was planning my wedding. It is irrelevant that even before I got engaged, I bought Martha Stewart Weddings every month anyway.
Third, I can think of two things off the top of my head that I would have done differently. I woiuld have made the wedding less formal and I would have tried harder to fit with a theme (colors, pattern, etc.).Also, and you'll love this, I would have spent a lot more time thinking about the little details and putting them together. Once I started planning, I sort of inexplicably and infuriatingly lost interest in planning, which went against my entire pattern of life up until that point.

Amanda said...

I spent no less the 5 hours on planning a fake wedding for my boyfriend and I. It has great suggestions for locations, any professional service you'd need,(catered to your wedding location) and pictures from other people's weddings to rip off their ideas (which I totally plan to do) Congratulations!

Christine Staley said...

Well... Having planned TWO weddings, and been a bridesmaid in more than I can even count at this point, here's what I offer:

1) awesome shoes. Plan to have comfy shoes to put on at some point during the reception b/c from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed that night, you will be standing. Lots and lots of standing...

2) wedding planning can and probably will drive you a little bit crazy. You cannot plan for every possible permutation of "who should sit where" kinda thing. surround yourself with the ppl you love and if somebody doesn't like who they end up sitting near or gets all huffy b/c so and so is there, tell them to grow up. It's your wedding :)

3) Favors. IMO? forget 'em. You can save yourself a lot of time (and money...) if you make a donation in your guests names to a charity. Most ppl don't take the favors, forget the favors, hate the favors... nobody really appreciates them as much as you do and besides, you could spend that money on shoes :)

4) the knot can be overwhelming, but does (used to?) have local mags in print that would be full of great info for NYC - best sources though are friends and folks who've been there done that!

5) EAT AT YOUR WEDDING! seriously. You will get so caught up mingling with guests, you will miss dinner. AND CAKE. I missed my cake. and cried a little bit...

6) along that same vein, don't do your pictures when your guests are all at the cocktail hour before the reception. You miss out too much, pictures end up being hurried and they run over time, leaving guests hungry and also cranky wondering what the heck so long. If you can do pics BEFORE the wedding (which I know a lot of ppl don't want to do) but that really saves time and cuts the stress of actually walking down the aisle.

If you don't want pics prior, you could always plan an activity for guests b/w wedding and reception and have everyone arrive at same time, you make grand entrance and still get to nosh on the yummies

7) things you thought would be hugely important turn out not to be so much. those other things, you weren't worried about, end up being big deals.

most importantly though, have fun. when it stops being fun, it's gone to far and it's time to take a step back and remember why you're marrying jim and all the things that matter to you (b/c it's inevitable that there will be those who insert themselves into your planning and insist some things be a certain way.) If you can live with it, great. if not, don't be afraid to stand up for what you want (it is your wedding after all) and if that still doesn't work, there's always Vegas, which I personally, highly recommend :)

Amy Cowan said...

well, i'm going to haunt you with advice the whole time via email so i won't go crazy here. but for starters, i LOVED this site; it inspired me to do things a lil differently.

Kimberly Julie said...

oh my god, those shoes! just in case you were unaware: is so incredibly addicting... i'm nowhere near getting engaged, but i used to read it religiously. (and go back into the archives to see miss lovebug's wedding if you have yet to see it... it is so incredibly beautiful and personalized!)

Nikki said...

i know i assaulted you with wed tips while you were here and will continue to do so... espcially since i went thru many channels to have a wedding that was less typical and more "me".


Marie said...


Just came across your blog. Love all the food posts! Congrats on your engagement and happy planning!

Bridget said...

this might be totally out of budget. but in my opinion, a band is worth it. don't stress about things like the menu or the invitations or the flowers. people aren't going to remember those. they're coming to your wedding because they love you, and they're staying because they're having the BEST TIME EVER.