My fiancé = most patient person alive

I came home from work on Friday and made a beeline for the couch where I assumed a horizontal position and quickly started whining because I had lost my cell phone. There was flailing and pouting and maybe one half-assed attempt to feel for the phone behind the couch cushions. But mostly there was a lot of crying, “MY PHONE IS GONE! AND I’M HUNGRY! AND THE FOOD IS TOO FAR AWAY!”

Woe is me!

Jim was so patient with me. He just kissed my forehead and let the crazy run its course. Then he pulled back one of the couch cushions, uncovering my cell phone.

My hero!

When the Cell Phone Crisis of 2009 was over we went to dinner. (Someplace close so I could eat RIGHT AWAY.)

When we came home, Jim let me open a little present that he was going to save for our one year anniversary on June 8.

A little pea necklace! Cute, right?

Sometimes I feel guilty that Jim has to bear the brunt of all my crazy. It’s just that when I see him I know I’m home and I can finally just be me. And sometimes being me = whining on the couch. (Sorry, Jim. I only let you see me like that because I know you’ll love me no matter what.)


Lindsey said...

I love that they can still love us through so many episodes.

Quick story: I started freaking out on Saturday before graduation and thought since I hadn't had any confirmation in the mail that I wasn't going to graduate. I knew the husband would say it's a little late to be worrying about this, I knew he wouldn't be surprised by my lack of responsibility in taking care of this all too important detail. Instead, he got me in the car, took me to the place, and while I pouted in the courtyard he made sure I'd walk. And walk I did.

Those men are amazing.

Sharon said...

This post warmed my slightly-bitter-yet-still-somewhat-hopeful-and-totally-exhausted single girl heart. I love your love.

Nikki said...

You two are too cute - that necklace is ADORABLE. You guys really are two peas. Jimmmmmmmm!

Jenni said...

Super duper cute necklace!

And every gal is entitled to a little wine session every once in awhile.

Nikki said...

I totally agree. Just wait until you're pregnant and start spewing venom and speaking in tongues... over something like how he scooped the wrong amount of couscous onto your plate.

Bridget said...

oh my gah excuse me while i spend the afternoon browsing through all of your posts because this is so cute i just swallowed my tongue. you may or may not have 181 comments to approve from me by end of day.