weekend warriors

saturday was so much fun!

there was much sleeping in. then there was a trip to BAM to see Slumdog Millionaire. i love that we can just walk there.

after the movie, we came home for happy hour. i drank a glass of wine and surfed the Internets. jim got some work done.

we listened to M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes", a song i hadn't heard until Slumdog even though it's apparently really popular with "the kids." it's my new favorite.

when we got hungry, we walked over to a pizza place across the street.

here's a picture of my pea eating a piece of The Washington (chicken with BBQ sauce).

isn't he cuuuutttttteeee?

i wish today was saturday all over again. but it's not. so i am watching a "Jon and Kate Plus 8" marathon, eating hershey kisses, and trying not to think about my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. eeeeek!

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