"I thrill when I drill a bicuspid / It's swell though they tell me I'm mal-ad-just-ed."

I had a cavity filled this morning and yes, I survived!

This dentist appointment went one million times better than the last one, and I think it’s because Jim came with me. He held my hand on the subway ride there and suffered through the awful waiting room music while I faced THE DRILL.

After my appointment I went to work. When a coworker heard that I had just come from the dentist, he clapped for me. (Wouldn’t it be nice if people clapped for you every time you did something remotely human? Hey, I got up and went to work today! I want a standing ovation!)

Some people like to make fun of me for being afraid of the dentist. But I would like to remind those people that everyone’s afraid of something.

Some people are afraid of heights. I actually paid Skydive Chicago $200 to let me jump out of their plane at 13,500 feet.

Some people are afraid of spiders. I am 62% interested in keeping a tarantula as a pet.

Some people are afraid of public speaking. I got up and told the “Happy Turkey Birthday” story in my Advance Public Speaking class and no one laughed but ME. I laughed my ass off.

Some people are afraid of making decisions. I make decisions all the time based on NOTHING at all. It’s like I told my friend Amy, I don’t know why I do the things I do...

Some people are afraid of germs. I’m pretty sure I haven’t washed my hands yet today.

So there are two things in this world that scare me: dentists and earthworms. I can’t help it! But I’m OK with it.

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CH said...

I'm 62% I'd de-friend you if you had a tarantula s a pet!