like 2 peas in a loft

i used to call jim "sweetpea" because he's so damn sweet. but one day while we were talking over gchat, i shortened his nickname to "pea" and then he made the little :) face that automatically turns right side up in google (and how cute is that?) and the name stuck. he calls me pea too, and yeah, if you were around us for more than 5 minutes you might throw up from all the cuteness.

anyway, jim gave me a whole pea themed calendar for my birthday. here are the pea's of january, february, and march:

i love it!

this weekend was very low key. i came down with a ridiculously bad cold on monday that i am finalllllyyyy getting over. so yeah, i spent a lot of time on the couch. again. jim was very accommodating though. he even played my favorite game, On Demand Couch Karaoke!

this is a picture of jim resting his vocal chords during an instrumental break.

he sang Hello, in the style of Lionel Richie and Afternoon Delight. i sang the Pina Colada Song, Before He Cheats, Son of a Preacher Man, Seasons of Love, and You're The One That I Want. you should try it, it's super fun!


Kelley said...

You guys are too f'ing cute. And, where did you find a whole pea themed calendar? Impressive.

Sharon said...

I'm dying over that calendar. Dang you guys are adorbs.